Tur oenologic Dealu Mare

May 10, 2014 administrator 0

Learn all about Romanian wine and discover one of Romania´s most beautiful wine regions. Dealu Mare (“The Big Hill”)  is on the same latitude as Bordeaux and Northern Italy and said to be the “Tuscany” […]

Curs de gătit la vie

May 10, 2014 administrator 0

Cooking classes in the vineyards is a unique offer in Romania, provided by Mobile Cooking Romania – an innovative tourism product that combines sightseeing of spectacular places with tasting of culinary treasures of the Carpathian garden. […]

Corporate Events in Buzau

May 10, 2014 administrator 0

Buzau county offers several interesting locations for corporate events in Romania. The Dealu Mare wine area with its premium wineries i.e. is just 1 h driving time from Bucharest. Events can take place in the […]

Teambuilding in the vineyards

May 10, 2014 administrator 0

Teambuilding in the vineyards – Discover this new amazing offer in Buzau and stay with your team at one of the premium wineries where plenty of activities are waiting for you:  Wine tasting, Blind wine […]

Dealu Mare Wine Brunch

May 9, 2014 administrator 0

The exclusive culinary get-together… with fresh seasonal products from local producers & tasting of premium wines. Discover Romania´s most famous wine-growing district, Dealu Mare (the “Big Hill”).  It is said to be the “Tuscany” of […]