Rafting is one of the most distractive water sports. Buzau county offers an exceptional panorama rafting trail with Buzau river crossing the Carpathian Mountains. The complete equipment is at your disposal (special boats, neopren swimming costume, helmets and life vest) and a professional rafting team (incl. whitewater rescue team) takes care to provide you an unforgettable adventure trip. Rafting is perfect for a group of friends or as teambuilding activity. Season: from April to October (depending on the water level) Duration: ca. 3 h incl. instruction Necessary material: only towels, professional rafting equipment is inclusive Minimum participants: 10 (individuals may join an existing open group) [vfb id=’2′]

Buzau county is divided in the Wallachian plane where you can find a high number of artificial or natural fish ponds and the Carpathian Mountains in the Northwest where you can find wild fresh water fish  in mountain rivers and lakes. Places for fishing:

  • Buzau River/ Buzau Valleay – Berca- Ratesti
  • Basca Mare/ Gura Teghii – Varlaam
  • Basca Mica/ Gura Teghii – Varlaam
  • Basca Chiojdului/ Valea Chiojdului – Chiojdu
  • Siriu Lake
  • Balta Maracineni
  • Balta Mihailesti

Please contact us if you are interested in a fishing trip or holiday. [vfb id=’2′]

The forests and mountains of Buzau county are home of a large variety of animals: wild boars, bears, deers, pheasants, wild ducks, rabbits etc. Hunting trips in the Carpathian Mountains can be organised in cooperation with local hunting associations for registered hunters as well as foreign hunters – upon official invitation and according to national regulation (hunting list, hunting season etc.) Please contact us for further information: [vfb id=’2′]

The forests and mountains of Buzau are perfect for 1-Day survival courses or survival camps for a longer period. Learn everything about nature and how to survive in the Carpathian Mountains: making fire, making water filters, building traps or building a shelter. Professional trainers with international experience will guide you. Perfect also as teambuilding activity (2-3 h course in the forests). [vfb id=’2′]

Join an amazing trip to a forgotten world: a remote and difficult to access Romanian self-sustaining village is the starting point for a hiking trip to the Dacian Fortress “Piatra cu Lilieci” (Stone with lilac) that offers a spectacular view to Buzau valley and the Carpathian Mountains. The Dacians have chosen the peak of this Subcarpathian mountain for the fortress to control the access of Transylvania from Buzau valley. It dates probably back to the kingdom of Decebal (87-106 B.C.). Today, you have to pass the gardens of local inhabitants to reach the peak of this formerly strategic place. A good opportunity to see how  locals live today – the real rural Romania at a real Romanian “gospodarie”! Features of this tour:

  • Transfer from Grigorescu Mansion in Ratesti/Berca with 4×4 cars to the starting point
  • Hiking tour to the Dacian Fortress with a professional archaeolog
  • Visit of  the famous “Aunt Jenny” – a local character and passionate hobby chef
  • Tasting of home-made” visinata” (sour cherry spirit)  and Jenny´s famous gogosi (donuts)
  • 4×4 tour to Buzau river valley and picnic with local products

For groups >4 persons [vfb id=’2′]

Lacul Vulturilor (Eagle´s lake), also called Bottomless Lake,  is a periglacial lake located in the Buzău Mountains, at the Carpathian Mountains south-eastern curvature, at an altitude of 1420 m. The legend says that the eagles came to this place in spring to drink water, to become strong and, at the same time, they showed their chicks how to fly. In the surroundings of the Eagle´s lake you can find the only area where black goats can be find. They are protected by law being threated with extinction. The Eagle´s lake can be reached by foot or by 4 x 4 car. Caution: A hiking tour as well as a 4×4 tour is only recommended together with an experienced guide and during summer time. The way up to the lake from Valea Neagra takes 3-4 h one way. The alternative access starts at Chiojdu, distance around 15 km (5 hours hiking or 2 hours off road). ——————

The first Tourism Infopoint Buzau, a tourism information centre, will be opended shortly in the Berca village.

The tourism info center will be located on the way to the Muddy Volcanoes, visited by around 2,000 tourists per week-end. The new center will be in a former bus station that is to be renovated with financial aid from several sponsors. It will provide information about the sights of the area and the tours available in the region, i.e. Ciolanu Monastery, Ratesti Monastery, hiking in the Carpthian mountains, rafting, cycling tours, offroad tours or truffle hunting in the forest of Buzau.