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Welcome to Buzau county in Romania – the wild side of the Carpathian Mountains! We are currently working on an update of the tourism webportal and the page is only available with limited content. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Despite being one of the closest travel destinations to Bucharest, Buzau county is widely unknown by tourists as it has not been included in publicised tourist programs- up until now. 

Buzau offers breathtaking mountains and wild forests, unique natural phenomena, the cradle of Christianity in South-Eastern Europe, a future UNESCO geopark and one of Romania´s best wine regions. In Buzau you can still find people explaining natural treasures of the forests and mountains, some of them only living from what they find in the nature. The discovery of untraveled paths in Buzau county is a truly different tourism experience.

Discover with TravelBuzau the beauty and uniqueness of Buzau county.