Description (Standard): In the southeast of Romania, embedded in an intact valley between the cities of Brasov and Buzau lies the guest-house Valea Lupului. Experience the comfort of a new building – Swiss architecture combined with typically Romanian family atmosphere – far away and yet feeling at home.

Buzau is in the meantime a quite known place for children camps due to a high number interesting educational sights (geological and natural phenomena, future UNESCO Geopark) and a broad range of activities that can be offered for children, i.e. traditional artcraft workshops, bread & pizza-making workshops, theatre, traditional dance classes, hiking, swimming in salt water pools and many more. Accommodation can be organised in one of the classical children camps or guest-houses, in one of the several pensions in the region, or, even more spectacular – outdoor in the forests. [vfb id=’2′]

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Paragliding is a niche sport. Buzau has several interesting locations for paragliding fans and also a school for paragliding beginners. Locations for paragliding:

  • Muddy Volcanoes and surroundings
  • Dealu Istrita
  • Eagle´s Lake

Description: Start/ theoretic preparation, one flight day (4-6 flights from 20 and 65 altitude) for groups of min. 5 and max. 10 persons. Later leisure flights from 200 m altitude. It will be assured: school and leisure paragliders, body and head protection, radio/transceiver station and one instructor. Please contact us for further information: [vfb id=’2′]


The future UNESCO Geopark Buzau covers an area of 100.000 ha, 18 communes and an amazing number of geological phenomena: the Muddy Volcanoes of Berca and Scortoasa, the Living Fires of Lopatari, the Amber mine of Colti, the Salt Mountains of Manzalesti, the Meledic Plateau and many more. Buzau county is the third poorest region in the European Union but in the same time one of the richest areas of Romania in terms of natural resources. Beginning of the 20th century, the region of Berca was one of the world´s most modern petrol extraction location. Even today, you can find – hidden in the forests – volcanoes with petrol coming directly out of the earth. Discover the secrets of the future Geopark Buzau! Features of this tour:

  • The different plateaus of the Muddy Volcanoes incl. the volcanic labyrinth and the hidden volcanoes
  • Petrol extraction route
  • Living Fires
  • Salt Mountains and White Stone
  • Meledic Plateau
  • Lake Mocearu


  • 2-Days incl. accommodation

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Join an amazing trip to a forgotten world: a remote and difficult to access Romanian self-sustaining village is the starting point for a hiking trip to the Dacian Fortress “Piatra cu Lilieci” (Stone with lilac) that offers a spectacular view to Buzau valley and the Carpathian Mountains. The Dacians have chosen the peak of this Subcarpathian mountain for the fortress to control the access of Transylvania from Buzau valley. It dates probably back to the kingdom of Decebal (87-106 B.C.). Today, you have to pass the gardens of local inhabitants to reach the peak of this formerly strategic place. A good opportunity to see how  locals live today – the real rural Romania at a real Romanian “gospodarie”! Features of this tour:

  • Transfer from Grigorescu Mansion in Ratesti/Berca with 4×4 cars to the starting point
  • Hiking tour to the Dacian Fortress with a professional archaeolog
  • Visit of  the famous “Aunt Jenny” – a local character and passionate hobby chef
  • Tasting of home-made” visinata” (sour cherry spirit)  and Jenny´s famous gogosi (donuts)
  • 4×4 tour to Buzau river valley and picnic with local products

For groups >4 persons [vfb id=’2′]

One of the most interesting ecumenical sites in Romania is just a stone´s throw away from Bucharest, though far away from any civilisation or tourism circuit. An isolated and magical place, full of history, where time seems to stand still. The cave churches and settlements of Buzau are not less than the cradle of Christianity on Romanian territory – an archaeological and cultural treasure amidst breathtaking landscape, nicknamed ATHOS OF ROMANIA. Locals believe in the spirituality of this region, which has been used as a worship place for several thousands of years. Hundreds of legends and paranormal appearances have been reported. Even dictator Nicolae Ceausescu sent a special agent of his secret service to investigate the so-called enigma of Buzau Mountains. A local experienced guide will show you the area and the most spectacular sights of “Tara Luanei”. TOUR INFORMATION: Cave Churches Tour Tour type: 1 -Day Hiking Tour & Combined Weekend -Tour (incl. Geopark Buzau &  Muddy Volcanoes) (good physical condition necessary) Date: March to November, upon individual request Group size: minimum 4 [vfb id=’2′]

This 1-day  tour will take you to the future GEOPARK Buzau & the Dealu Mare wine region in Buzau county. The Muddy Volcanoes at Berca are natural phenomena. Gas from 3,000 meters underground pushes water and clay to the surface and creates an area full of small cones of mud which look like small volcanoes: a spectacular moon landscape—unique in Europe. The Muddy Volcanoes are the main attraction of the future UNESCO GEOPARK Buzau which covers an area of 100.000 ha and compra large diversity of geological treasures like amber, the living fires or the salt mountains. The second part of the trip will lead you to Dealu Mare, the most famous wine-growing district in Romania. It is said to be the “Tuscany” of Romania. Discover Romanian wine culture with more than 2.000 years of history. Sights on the tour: Muddy Volcanoes & future UNESCO Geopark Buzau, Dealu Mare wine area, Lacerta Winery TOUR INFORMATION: Muddy Volcanoes & Dealu Mare Wine tasting tour Tour type: Cultural & Culinary tour (1 day) Date: March to November , upon individual request Duration: ca. 8-10 h Starting point: Hotel of your choice in Bucharest Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Group size: minimum 4 persons Price: Upon request (depending on the group size) Programme: 08.00 h: Transfer from Bucharest to Buzau county Visit to the Muddy Volcanoes — unique natural phenomena in Europe 13.00: Traditional lunch 15:00 Visit to a Dealu Mare premium winery on the top of the hills: wine production, tour through the vineyards, wine tasting 17:00 Transfer back to Bucharest [vfb id=’2′]

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