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Buzau county is divided in the Wallachian plane where you can find a high number of artificial or natural fish ponds and the Carpathian Mountains in the Northwest where you can find wild fresh water […]


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The forests and mountains of Buzau county are home of a large variety of animals: wild boars, bears, deers, pheasants, wild ducks, rabbits etc. Hunting trips in the Carpathian Mountains can be organised in cooperation […]

Pleşcoi Sausages

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Pleșcoi sausages are famous throughout Romania and even well-known at European level.  The sausages are made from mutton spiced with chili peppers and garlic and will be one of the first Romanian products that will […]


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LacertA wines are kept in strictly-controlled environments, as in the recently inaugurated wine vault. When time allows it, they are exclusively maturated in barriques of high quality oak essence from France, USA, Russia, Hungary and […]

Babic de Buzău

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Ingredients: boneless veal legs, boneless porc legs, sweet paprika, spicy paprika, salt. Babic is orginally a Serbian name which is read “babici”. It is said that Serbians brought it to Romania and there is also […]

Truffles from Buzău

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Being on the same latitude as Piemont in Italy, having favourable climate conditions and abundant forests, Buzau County has excellent conditions for the growth of truffles. Truffles can be found from June to January in […]

Brosura Turism Buzau

Promotion material for Buzau county

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TravelBuzau developed a serie of flyers, brochures and other promotion materials: Postcards of Buzau county Flyer “Buzau – The wild side of the Carpathian” for ROMEXPO tourism fair Buzau site for Romanian Tourism Brochure of […]