vin_dealu_mare_lacertaLacertA wines are kept in strictly-controlled environments, as in the recently inaugurated wine vault. When time allows it, they are exclusively maturated in barriques of high quality oak essence from France, USA, Russia, Hungary and Romania.

Successive control of the all year-long production reaching up to 1 kg of grapes per each grape vine as well as the rigorous selection of the grapes entering wine production contribute to the high quality level of the LacertA wines. The use of gravity in the line of wine processing may bring a plus to the quality of the processed wine. Gravity is to ensure that the grape follows the technological track of wine processing so as to avoid the use of any pumping systems.


Catering_Babic_WorkshopIngredients: boneless veal legs, boneless porc legs, sweet paprika, spicy paprika, salt.

Babic is orginally a Serbian name which is read “babici”. It is said that Serbians brought it to Romania and there is also a legend that Napoleon – returning from the Russian war – staid one night in Buzau at the house of the landlord Vernescu where he was served with Tuica from Lopatari, burduf cheese from Penteleu and Babic which he obviously appreciated a lot-  even leaving a thank you letter for his hosts.

Babic can also be found in other zones in Romania but Babic like in Buzau you can find nowhere else.

Today you can find Babic all year round, but the original Babic was only produced in autumn when the last vegetables were harvested and before the first snow arrives. Babic need a special cool, ventilated and dry place to develop its typical taste.
During  winter it is suspended in the attic and in spring Babic will be wrapped in newspaper.

Babic can be served as first plate with an aperitiv or used in many different preparations: spicy vegetable soups, omlettes, risottos and many more

Please contact us for further information if you want to buy Babic from Buzau.

Check also our culinary tour “The secrets of Plescoi Sausages & Regional Cold Cuts from Buzau”.

Visit the Plescoi Sausage festival and taste Babic from Buzau: first weekend in October of each year

Where to eat Babic and prepartions with Babic from Buzau:

Being on the same latitude as Piemont in Italy, having favourable climate conditions and abundant forests, Buzau County has excellent conditions for the growth of truffles. Truffles can be found from June to January in the forests of Buzau- depending on the weather conditions of each year. Truffle hunting needs a lot of experience, knowledge of local places and special trained dogs.

There are only very few truffle hunters in Buzau and truffles are generally not commercialised, but mainly used for own consumption or culinary events.

Where to taste truffle products in Buzau: Private dining at Conacul Grigorescu

Please contact us if you are interested in buying truffles.

TravelBuzau developed a serie of flyers, brochures and other promotion materials:

  • Postcards of Buzau county
  • Flyer “Buzau – The wild side of the Carpathian” for ROMEXPO tourism fair
  • Buzau site for Romanian Tourism Brochure of FAPT (Romanian, English, German)
  • Presentation of Buzau villages in the Guide “The most beautiful villages of Romania”
  • etc.

The complete promotion material is available in the Tourism Infopoint Buzau in Berca. Please contact us if you want to order promotion material of Buzau.

TravelBuzau represents Buzau county at the most important national and international tourism trade fairs, i.e:

  • Romanian Tourism Trade Fair – ROMEXPO Bucharest/ Romania
  • International Tourism Trade Fair (ITB) Berlin/ Germany
  • IMEX Frankfurt/ Germany
  • World Travel Market London/ UK
  • etc.

TravelBuzau participates together with the members of the National Tourism Association Federation (FAPT) on the Romanian booth of the repsective trade fair.

Buzau county is still unknown as tourism destination, as well on national but especially on international level. TravelBuzau tries to increase the visibility through international promotion and PR activities.

This includes i.e. the following activities:

  • Sponsoring of press information trips
  • Press releases in English language for the international press
  • Sponsoring and support for TV shows and filming in Buzau
  • Info trips for embassies and expatriates from Bucharest
  • Participation at international trade fairs (see extra article)

In the last years, several articles (Adevarul, Jurnalul National, The Guardian, Le Monde, specialised magazines in Germany, Austria) has been published about Buzau with our support. Furthermore, several tourism reports and culinary shows  have been filmed with our support in Buzau, i.e. “Cireasa de pe tort” (Prima TV), Tara N´Bucate (Kanal D), “Exclusiv in Romania” (TVR 1), Robert Macklowicz´s Culinary Travel (TV Polonia) and many more.

TravelBuzau advises decision-makers, the district government, local mayors and potential investors on tourism development strategies and helps to successfully implement tourism investment projects of public interest in Buzau county.

TravelBuzau supports guest-houses, hotels and accommodation providers of the region to improve their service quality and marketing capacities.

Furthermore we represent Buzau county at the Carpathian Tourism Cluster Romania and the National Federation of Tourism Associations (FAPT). FAPT and its members dispose of a seat in the consulting council of the National Romanian Tourism Authority (ANT).

TravelBuzau participates in social inclusion programmes (i.e. for children) and supports charity events in the region. Some of our activities in the past:

  •  “Zoom pe Romania” (2012) – Christmas charity tour with BGS to poor and remote villages in Buzau county
  • Mobile Cooking Romania (2013) – Support of fundraising event for an ill child in Buzau

TravelBuzau develops concepts for innovative events and festivals that have impact and visibility beyond the region in order to attract new tourists to Buzau county. TravelBuzau was i.e. initiator & organiser of the following events:

  • Truffle Season Opening
  • Dealu Mare Wine Brunch
  • Culinary Adventures Buzau
  • Mobile Cooking Romania – Cooking classes in the vineyards

Furthermore, TravelBuzau has been partner of local communes, guest-houses, the County Museum or other institutions for the organisation of several events, ie.:

  • Plescoi sausage festival
  • Open Door at Archaeological Site in Tarcov