Lacul Vulturilor

Lacul Vulturilor (Eagle’s lake)

May 31, 2014 administrator 0

Lacul Vulturilor (Eagle´s lake), also called Bottomless Lake,  is a periglacial lake located in the Buzău Mountains, at the Carpathian Mountains south-eastern curvature, at an altitude of 1420 m. The legend says that the eagles […]

Manastirea Ratesti

Răteşti Monastery

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Ratesti monastery was erected by the boyar family Dragomir. The orthodox monastery dates back to 1634, the date of the oldest known document relating to it is a donation.  It was originally a monastery of […]

Lake - Barajul Siriu

Lake Siriu

May 30, 2014 administrator 0

Lake Siriu is located in the upper Buzau river bassin, near the commune of Siriu, between the two mountain massifs Siriu and Podul Calului. Lake Siriu is an artifical lake. The construction of the barrage […]

Ciolanu Monastery

Ciolanu Monastery

May 29, 2014 administrator 0

Ciolanu Monastery is the only monk settlement in Buzau county that dates back to the 16th century. The monastery disposes of two churches that are situated at a distance of 100 m.  Aici există și […]

Crama LacertA

May 28, 2014 administrator 0

Crama LacertA, one of Romania´s most modern wineries, has become an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists and international companies from Bucharest. The winery, an Austrian investment, was inaugurated in 2011 and – within a […]

Stone Church Naeni

Stone church Naeni

May 26, 2014 administrator 0

The stone church of Naeni is a landmark on the top of the highest Dealu Mare hill and can be seen from very far away. The church is made completely with lime stone from Naeni […]