Cave Churches Hiking Tour

One of the most interesting ecumenical sites in Romania is just a stone´s throw away from Bucharest, though far away from any civilisation or tourism circuit. An isolated and magical place, full of history, where time seems to stand still. The cave churches and settlements of Buzau are not less than the cradle of Christianity on Romanian territory – an archaeological and cultural treasure amidst breathtaking landscape, nicknamed ATHOS OF ROMANIA. Locals believe in the spirituality of this region, which has been used as a worship place for several thousands of years. Hundreds of legends and paranormal appearances have been reported. Even dictator Nicolae Ceausescu sent a special agent of his secret service to investigate the so-called enigma of Buzau Mountains. A local experienced guide will show you the area and the most spectacular sights of “Tara Luanei”.

TOUR INFORMATION: Cave Churches Tour Tour
Type: 1 -Day Hiking Tour & Combined Weekend -Tour (incl. Geopark Buzau &  Muddy Volcanoes) (good physical condition necessary)
Date: March to November, upon individual request
Group size: minimum 4 

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