Muddy Volcanoes – Pâclele Mari

Vulcanii Noroiosi - Mud Volcanoes

The muddy volcanoes in Buzau county are a unique and natural phenoma which can be seen very rare at only few places in the world. Gas from 3000 meters pushes water and clay to the surface and builds small cones that look like volcanoes. The salty water allows no vegetation and makes the area look like a moon landscape or a different planet.

The mud volcanoes will be one of the main attractions of the future GEOPARK  Buzau. They are situated at four different pleateaus in the villages of Scortoasa, Berca and Beciu, only two have a direct access for tourists. Paclele Mari is one of the plateaus – and probably the most spectacular part of the Mud Volcanoes. The natural reservation of Paclele Mari and Paclele Mici has been delcared natural monument in 1924, has an extentsion of about 30 h and is situated 15 km from Berca.

Please take care when accessing the area : The administrator of the natural reservation put wrong signs indicating “Paclele Mari” instead of “Paclele Mici” because  he is also owner of a guest-house (not recommended by TravelBuzau) at the entrance of the volcanoes. Also google maps indicates the wrong plateau. If you want to visit the Paclele Mari follow the red signs of “Muddyland”. The campingsite Muddyland has a parking from where you can reach the Paclele Mari in 10 min walking time. Unfortunately, visitors has since 2013 also to pay a entrance fee when arriving at the Paclele Mari.

Hint: Make a stop-over at the Tourism Infopoint Buzau in the village of Berca before visiting the Muddy Volcanoes.