Pleşcoi Sausages

plescoi_BuzauPleșcoi sausages are famous throughout Romania and even well-known at European level.  The sausages are made from mutton spiced with chili peppers and garlic and will be one of the first Romanian products that will be part of the EU’s list of certified traditional products. Plescoi sausages are originally produced in Plescoi village and the Berca commune where dozens of private homes produce the sausages for generations based on the traditional recipe. Most of the private homes do not have an official production licence and sell the sausages only in small quantities directly at their door. A dozen of licensed producers joined the “Plescoi Sausage Producer Association” in order to promote Plescoi sausages at European level.

Please contact us for further information if you want to buy Plescoi sausages. Check also our culinary tour “The secrets of Plescoi Sausages & Regional Cold Cuts from Buzau”. Visit the Plescoi Sausage festival: first weekend in October of each year Where to eat original Plescoi sausages or preparations with Plescoi sausages in Berca: