Babic de Buzău

Catering_Babic_WorkshopIngredients: boneless veal legs, boneless porc legs, sweet paprika, spicy paprika, salt.

Babic is orginally a Serbian name which is read “babici”. It is said that Serbians brought it to Romania and there is also a legend that Napoleon – returning from the Russian war – staid one night in Buzau at the house of the landlord Vernescu where he was served with Tuica from Lopatari, burduf cheese from Penteleu and Babic which he obviously appreciated a lot-  even leaving a thank you letter for his hosts.

Babic can also be found in other zones in Romania but Babic like in Buzau you can find nowhere else.

Today you can find Babic all year round, but the original Babic was only produced in autumn when the last vegetables were harvested and before the first snow arrives. Babic need a special cool, ventilated and dry place to develop its typical taste.
During  winter it is suspended in the attic and in spring Babic will be wrapped in newspaper.

Babic can be served as first plate with an aperitiv or used in many different preparations: spicy vegetable soups, omlettes, risottos and many more

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Visit the Plescoi Sausage festival and taste Babic from Buzau: first weekend in October of each year

Where to eat Babic and prepartions with Babic from Buzau: