Cicloturism la Vulcanii Noroioşi (1 zi)

The Muddy Volcanoes are extended over four different plateaus. Most tourists only visit one of the touristic places. This tour will show you the complete area of the the Muddy Volcanoes and the future Geopark Buzau, incl. the hidden places in the forests- which tourist never see. The majority of the route is on the old petrol road – off the national roads – which offers a spectacular panorama view  to the Subcarpathian Mountains. Features of this tour:

  • Berca Monastery
  • Petrol Volcanoes & Volcanic Labyrinth of Berca
  • Muddy Volcanoes – Paclele Mari
  • Muddy Volcanoes – Paclele Mici
  • Muddy Volcanoes of Beciu
  • Traditional Picnic/ Barbecue at the Muddy Volcanoes

For groups > 8 persons Starting Point: Tourism Infopoint Buzau in Berca [vfb id=’2′]