Thracian, Dacian and Romans: Archaeological Tour Buzău

Buzau county looks back on an exciting history. Being stragetically located between the Carpathian Mountains and the Wallachian plain, many tribes left their traces in the course of the centuries: Thracian, Dacians, Romans and many more. The first traces date back to the Iron age.  A period of the bronze dating back to 3000 BC is even called “Monteoru Culture” in sciences, named after the archaeological  site of Sarata Monteoru in Buzau county. This tour is lead by an archaeological guide and will lead you to the most interesting sites in Buzau county. Features of this tour:

  • Thracian tombs and prehistorcial caves at Naeni
  • Roman Fortress at Pietroasele
  • Archaeological site of Monteoru culture
  • Future stone age village of Vernesti

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