Secrets of the Geopark “Land of Buzau”

Vulcanii Noroiosi - Muddy Volcano

The future UNESCO Geopark Buzau covers an area of 100.000 ha, 18 communes and an amazing number of geological phenomena: the Muddy Volcanoes of Berca and Scortoasa, the Living Fires of Lopatari, the Amber mine of Colti, the Salt Mountains of Manzalesti, the Meledic Plateau and many more. Buzau county is the third poorest region in the European Union but in the same time one of the richest areas of Romania in terms of natural resources. Beginning of the 20th century, the region of Berca was one of the world´s most modern petrol extraction location. Even today, you can find – hidden in the forests – volcanoes with petrol coming directly out of the earth. Discover the secrets of the future Geopark Buzau! Features of this tour:

  • The different plateaus of the Muddy Volcanoes incl. the volcanic labyrinth and the hidden volcanoes
  • Petrol extraction route
  • Living Fires
  • Salt Mountains and White Stone
  • Meledic Plateau
  • Lake Mocearu


  • 2-Days incl. accommodation

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