Dacian Fortress Târcov – Hiking Tour

Join an amazing trip to a forgotten world: a remote and difficult to access Romanian self-sustaining village is the starting point for a hiking trip to the Dacian Fortress “Piatra cu Lilieci” (Stone with lilac) that offers a spectacular view to Buzau valley and the Carpathian Mountains. The Dacians have chosen the peak of this Subcarpathian mountain for the fortress to control the access of Transylvania from Buzau valley. It dates probably back to the kingdom of Decebal (87-106 B.C.). Today, you have to pass the gardens of local inhabitants to reach the peak of this formerly strategic place. A good opportunity to see how  locals live today – the real rural Romania at a real Romanian “gospodarie”! Features of this tour:

  • Transfer from Grigorescu Mansion in Ratesti/Berca with 4×4 cars to the starting point
  • Hiking tour to the Dacian Fortress with a professional archaeolog
  • Visit of  the famous “Aunt Jenny” – a local character and passionate hobby chef
  • Tasting of home-made” visinata” (sour cherry spirit)  and Jenny´s famous gogosi (donuts)
  • 4×4 tour to Buzau river valley and picnic with local products

For groups >4 persons

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