Răteşti Monastery

Manastirea Ratesti

Ratesti monastery was erected by the boyar family Dragomir. The orthodox monastery dates back to 1634, the date of the oldest known document relating to it is a donation.  It was originally a monastery of monks, before in 1760, due to the lack of monks, it was transformed  into a community of nuns. The current building structure dates back to the 19 th century.

Today, around 75 nuns live at Ratesti monatery until, in spring 2014, the monastery was evacuated due to landslip caused by heavy rains. The monastery is acutally threatened of being distructed and needs urgent rehabilitation work.

The monastery is located near the village of Ratesti, on a hill with spectacular view to Buzau valley and has a very beautiful architecture. The church was built in a mixed neoclassical and local ecclesiastical style. In 1843 it was painted by Nicolae Teodorescu and his nephew Gheorghe Tattarescu.

The bell tower was orginally erected in 1854. In 1894, after an earthquake, it was re-designed and reduced in height to 18 meters.

Location:  Rătești, Berca commune
GPS: N 45.3076, E 26.6319
Access: 27 km from Buzau city, from DN 10 ( Buzău- Brașov), direction Berca, turn left after crossing the Buzau river bridge, turn left after 300 m at the Tourism Infopoint Buzau, follow the road to Ratesti – Ratesti monastery, the monastery is around 4 km from the Tourism Infopoint
Entrance fee: no
Parking: 200 m,  in front of the monastery
Accommodation: Zone Berca – Muddy Volcanoes
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