Lake Siriu

Lake - Barajul Siriu

Lake Siriu is located in the upper Buzau river bassin, near the commune of Siriu, between the two mountain massifs Siriu and Podul Calului. Lake Siriu is an artifical lake. The construction of the barrage made it necessary to change the national road and to built several viaducts.

The viaduct Giurca i.e. has a lenght of 276 m. with pillar of 45 m altitude. The barrier lake was finished in 1994 with the scope to supply drinking water, to improve the agricultural irrigation system and to produce elcetricity for the region.

The lake is situated in a very beautiful landscape in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains.

Potential acitivites: Fishing, Boating (upon prior) request, hiking, photographing