Stone church Naeni

Stone Church Naeni

The stone church of Naeni is a landmark on the top of the highest Dealu Mare hill and can be seen from very far away. The church is made completely with lime stone from Naeni and has been built by the owners of the nearby stone  quarry.

The first investment was made by Manole Gabriel, later on the church was financed and finalised by Florin Jean Utica from Bucharest. The church paintings are realised in a beautiful byzantine style, respecting the style of the greek monk Dionisie din Furna.

The courtyard of the church offers the most spectacular panorama view in the Dealu Mare area, with the Wallachian plane on the one side and the Carpathian Mountains on the other side.

Nearby the following sights can be reached by foot:  Thracians tombs, Open air sculpture camp of Naeni


Location: Năeni
GPS: N 45.111433, E 26.501770
Access: DN 1B Buzau – Ploiesti, in Sahateni direction to Naeni; straight ahead at the roundabout close to the town hall, after leaving the village the potholed road is quite bad and climbs up to the hill, you can see from below already the church. Not recommended for busses > 25 persons
Accommodation: Dealu Mare – Sarata Monteoru
Guided Tours: Wine tasting- Crama LacertA
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