Tururi şi vacanţe în Buzău – Informaţii generale

The Carpathian region of Buzau county is a hidden gem for foreign travellers who like nature and authentic sites, but the county is still underdeveloped regarding the general tourism infrastructure. Here you can find beautiful mountains and wild forests, unique natural phenomena, untouched flora and fauna, regional cuisine in traditional villages, monasteries, sources of mineral water with healing powers and much more. Discover the wild side of the Carpathian mountains!

The best way to visit Buzau is to book a guided tour. Several 1-Day or weekend tours start from the capital of Bucharest or direct from the Tourism Infopoint Buzau in Berca. You can find an overview of available tours for Buzau county and links to tour-operators here in the right menu.  If you plan a longer stay with a group of 6 or more persons contact us directly for further information.