Tur oenologic Dealu Mare

Learn all about Romanian wine and discover one of Romania´s most beautiful wine regions. Dealu Mare (“The Big Hill”)  is on the same latitude as Bordeaux and Northern Italy and said to be the “Tuscany” of Romania.  Since several years already, Dealu Mare wines have been awarded prizes at international wine competitions. Discover Romanian wine culture with more than 2.000 years of history and excellent wines from sunny southward hills. On your trip you will visit Romania´s best wineries and beautiful historical and cultural places in the Dealu Mare region.

TOUR INFORMATION: Dealu Mare Wine Tour Tour/Event type: 1-Day Tour from Bucharest, Weekend Tour (2 days) or combined culinary tour (5-7 days in Romania) Date: March to November, upon individual request Duration: 1 day (combination with other teambuilding modules possible) Locations: Dealu Mare wineries, several cultural and historical places Group size: minimum 4 persons [vfb id=’2′] traseu_cicloturistic_Dealu;a